Pierson Phillips

Pierson Phillips
2004 – 2019
Proud GFWC Supporter and Speaker
A thank you from his parents:
We would like to thank everyone at the GFWC for all of the support and care you gave our son these past few years.  There was such a wonderful outpouring of condolences and love after Pierson’s death that we cannot put into works how thankful we are.  The memories that we have from our trup to St. Louis, for the GFWC International Convention in 2018, are near and dear to us as it was the last trip we took together as well as the last speech he gave.  We consider it to be his best speach ever.

Pierson was a fierce advocate for mental illness and suicide prevention so it was with sadness that we announced his death in January due to his illness.  But because of you, we have an amazing legacy that he left us and we will be continuing the work that he started by creating The Pierson Project,  which will focus on suicide prevention.  We would also like to announce that with the generous donations we received from the Missouri GFWC at their state convention, we were able to hand out the first Pierson Phillips Memorial Scholarship.  $1000 was awarded to Peter Moriarity, who spent time after Pierson’s death advocating at the state level for suicide prevention.  Peter was a classmate and close friend to Pierson and he has shown great bravery and strength in light of this tragedy.  

Travis and I want to extend our gratitude to all of the members of GFWC for giving our son the ability to make a difference in this world.  For giving us amazing memories of him showing how he was wiser than his years.  For giving our son hope.  And for giving us a purpose to continue on without our only child.  We thank each and every one of you from the bottoms of our hearts.

The Pierson Project is on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Starting August 1, 2019.  More information on the Pierson Project will also be available at
www.the piersonproject.org

Workshop and MVR Conference Notice

2019 GFWC MN Fall Workshop
Ladies, the fall workshop big event is coming up very soon!
Dates:  July 26 and 27, at St. Francis Center, Little Falls
click to download registartion form……..

Fall Workshop pdf


September 19 – 22, 2019
Sheraton Overland Park Hotel at the Convention Center
6100  College  Boulevard
Overland Park, Kansas

Room Rate: $124 for King Room or 2 Double bed rooms
Triple Rate is $134 and Quad is $144


Mary Ellen Brock, International President
Marian St. Clair, International President -Elect
Special Event on Thursday Evening September 19, 2019
Tours on Friday AM
MVR Board Meeting Friday, 4 PM
Kansas State Night on Friday, September 20
Adjournment on Sunday, Sep t22, before noon


Fall Workshop

Fall Workshop pdf

Ladies, the fall workshop big event is coming up very soon!
Dates:  July 26 and 27, at St. Francis Center, Little Falls
The registration form is linked above…. click to download

“Unity in Diversity” Logo

“Unity in Diversity”  What your logo says

The Federation’s proud tradition of connecting with one another began in 1868 with founder Jane Cunningham Croly, a professional journalist from New York City.  In 1889, the official motto became “Unity in Diversity” by Sorosis President, Ella Dietz Clymer at a meeting of 61 clubs.  In 1892, a pin with the rising sun was chosen to identify each member.  In 1920, International Prsident, Alice Ames Winter updated the member to what it is today.  the logo illustrates the crusader’s shield, signifying enlightenment, emerging from the darkened world, represented by a black center,.  The band encircling the center signifies eternity: a fully risen sun on a field of blue symbolizes purity.  For constancy, bluesurrounds the letter GFWC and the motto “Unity in Diversity”

WHRC Your Information Resource

So you have a  question about GFWC  procedures?  
Click on National Site, which is on the home page, click on Resources.
Several pertinent topics are listed alphabetically. 
There you will find answers to most questions.
You can send an email to WHRC and they will respond.

Nevis Women’s Club serves Violence Awareness Dinner

In October, the Nevis Women’s Club prepared a ‘comfort’ dinner of meat loaf (they made 50 individual loaves!), mashed tatoes, corn, coleslaw and rolls to about 200 people.  This was the only fundraiser for the  Domestic Violence Center in Park  Rapids.  Proceeds of $2900 will help the center.

Jody Prybil and Melissa Zincke                Judy Anderson, Marilyn                         
making mashed tatoes                                  Luksik, Kay James


Nevis Women’s Club holds Membership Tea

Nevis Women’s Club Held a Membership Tea 
A lovely setting…new people to meet….sharing 
club’s purpose, plans, and activities.  
And…five women joined their club!