2020 State GFWC Virtual Convention

OFFICIAL CALL GFWC MN Virtual Convention July 25

To ALL members,

I hereby call the membership of the GFWC of Minnesota to meet virtually on July 25, 2020

Jean Walker, GFWC MN President


Registration is to be submitted via email to yschilplin@gmail.com, by July 15, 2020

The following registration information is needed:

Full Name:

Club Name:

District: Northeast, Northwest, West Central, East Central, Central, Southwest, or Southeast

Email address:

A ZOOM meeting invite and link will be sent via email two weeks in advance. A phone number, ID and password will be provided If unable to connect via a computer/Ipad/tablet. It is advised that you go to zoom.us and sign up free and download app before the meeting and have a practice session with someone. If you have questions or need technical support please contact Yvonne: Yschilplin@gmail.com Or Lilah ichs@paulbunyan.net Or Morgan Morganmithum@gmail.com or others who may be of assistance.

The proposed budget is attached to this official call. Any questions about the proposed budget must be submitted by July 15 to outgoing GFWC MN Treasurer, Pam Mithun pammithun@yahoo.com

Minutes are attached for 2019 convention and June 2020 Special Board meeting. Any questions must be submitted by July 15 to outgoing GFWC MN Secretary, Diane Mangseth Dbmang@mchsi.com


Saturday, July 25

9:00 Business Session

Call to Order (Jean)

Credentials report (Lilah)

President’s special project report (Jean)

9:15. President-elect – Membership award (Jennell)

1st Vice-President – Grand Initiatives (Linda) and presentation of awards (Linda and Chairman)

2nd Vice-President and fundraising report (Diane H)

Secretary – Minutes (Diane M)

Treasurer – financial report and presentation of budget (Pam)

10:15. Presentation of Int’l Awards (Jean)

Public Issues, Shot of Life, Art and Culture, Charlotte Emerson Award

10:30. Adjourn

Presentation and Installation of Incoming Officers 2020-2022

Remarks from GFWC MN Jennell Jorgenson-Johnson 2020-2022

10:45. Memorial presentation

Nevis Women’s Club Mask Makers

The 19 virus is affecting every person on this planet.  And, as you must have heard, protection supplies are diminishing.  The Nevis Women’s Club rallied together through the inspiration of an awesome member, Ginny Benson, to become Mask Makers.  Ginny contacted health facilities and has received requests from all over the country.  So far, with the help of several club members and their friends, they  have made over 1500 masks!!  Ginny is mailing bundles of masks daily to nursing homes and health care facilities.  If someone does not sew, they cut fabric and/or donate to the postage fund.  This website editor is pretty sure many  clubs in MN have taken on this task.  Let’s hear which clubs are ‘stitching’ in.  Contact me at strong.linda1@gmail.com  and I will add club names when I hear from you,

CANCELLATION of 2020 MN State Convention

From the Desk of GFWC MN State President, Jean Walker

30 March 2020

Dear Members of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs of Minnesota,

It is with sadness that I am notifying you of the cancellation of the GFWC of MN Convention 
scheduled for May 1-3, 2020.

I am notifying GFWC Headquarters of our change in plans as well and Mississippi
Valley Region President Kathleen Flock.

After considering all the information currently available from the Center for Disease
Control and the MN Department of Health, Your Board made this difficult decision. When
the infection rate is halted, your Board is planning to extend the Fall Workshop one day where we can gather and celebrate the year, the 2019 awards will be given out and we will meet our new Club, District and State officers for 2020-2022.

I am working with our Leadership Chairman Yvonne Schilplin on a way for our elections to take place by email or phone conference. Yvonne will be emailing a letter explaining the process that you can use to get our elections completed so the new officers can take charge for 2020-2022. We all know this is a trying time and if we work together, we will get this done.

I pray for your well being and good health in the coming days. Remain calm and STAY HOME!

Yours in Federation,

Jean Walker, GFWC of MN State President 2018-2020
426 E Ross Avenue
Warren, MN 56762

2020 MN District Conventions

Southeast –  Winthrop – March 28 – Saturday
Southwest – Sleepy Eye – April 18- Saturday
Northeast – Grand Rapids – April 1 – Wednesday
Northwest – Thief River Falls – April 18th – Saturday
West Central – Elbow Lake – April 18 – Saturday

East Central –  Bloomington  –  April 7th – Tuesday