Arts and Crafts Categories

GFWC Arts and Crafts Categories

Step 1: Select the category (or categories) for the type of works(s) you are entering. You can enter up to (2) pieces per category.


Step 2: Read the categories below to make sure you choose the correct category (ies).

Step 3: When you are sure you have selected the correct category, go to the Entry Registration form and fill out all of the information on the label for each entry.

Step 4: Arts and Craft Show: Saturday, May 2, 2020 GFWC of MN Convention, Jackpot Junction. Exhibits displayed 8:00 am Saturday. Local clubs and districts may hold an Art Show prior to this final show.

Works accepted from GFWC members and Students’ work from the club’s locales. Judging will be held Saturday, May 2, 2020 during the GFWC State Convention.  They will be looking for originality, visual impact and workmanship.


  1. Drawing: Works executed predominantly with drawing materials, including (but not limited to) pencil, charcoal, pastels, pen & ink, graphite, or in combination.
  2. Fiber/Textile Art: Fine Arts executed predominantly with fiber/textile materials (natural or synthetic) including but not limited to fabric, yarn, thread, string, felt, rope, recycled fabrics, etc., or in combination. (Refer to the Artisan category for Fine Craft textiles works, i.e.: bed quilts, wearable art, etc.)
  3. Painting: Works executed predominantly with painting materials, including (but not limited to) oil-based, water-based (acrylic, watercolor, tempera, gouache, etc) spray enamel, pastel paintings etc., or in combination.
  4. Photography: Works executed with analog or digital equipment. Printed in color or black & white. Size: 8×10 mounted on rigid board. Living things, Scenes, and Still Life.
  5. 3-Dimensional: Free-standing Fine Art works executed with any medium, (including but not limited to) wood, stone, metal, clay, re-purposed materials, etc., or in combination. Techniques may include sculpting, carving, assemblage, etc. Must be self-supporting or suitable for pedestal, shelf or table display. Max weight 75#. No works will be accepted that require the artist to be present for installation.  If the piece is to be displayed directly on the floor, or if it requires a pedestal, please include the information with your entry form prior to delivery. Refer to Fiber Art Category for 3-D works in fiber/textile.  Refer to the Artisan Category for 3-D Fine Crafts i.e. furniture, pottery etc.
  6. Artisan: Fine Crafts of original design executed with any medium, including (but not limited to) jewelry, furniture, glass (stained, blown, fused, etc), musical instruments, clothing/wearable art, pottery, turned wood, quilts (subject to size limit) etc. Contact the Art Chairman if you are unsure or if you have any questions.
  7. Wild Card: Any original Fine Art or Fine Craft of original design that does NOT meet the criteria for the other 6 categories. 2-D or 3-D free-standing works including, but not limited to: digital art, printmaking (hand pulled original works), encaustic, assemblage, collage, mosaic, mix-media, etc

Arts Entry Form:  

GFWC Arts & Craft Show Arts Entry Form
Choose One – Member _____  Student  _______ 
Category:   C _____   or   V _____
Creators Name:  _________________________________

School:  ________________________________________
Sponsoring Club:  ________________________________   
Brief Description of Entry: _________________________