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Entries must have won blue ribbons or their equivalents at district shows or displays in all categories except the starred photographic categories. Therefore each district may enter only one item in each unstarred category from a member, one from a student, and one from a handicapped community member.

Attach a note with the category number (i.e. C-1) and either member or student on one side and on the other side the creator’s name, sponsoring club and district, and a brief description of the entry.

Student art must also be properly categorized and labeled. Students or their teachers should do this.

Items entered in the wrong category may be moved by the judge(s) or the coordinator of the show.

If there are any items in a category, even only one, a blue ribbon must be given.


C-1 Needlepoint (including klokkestreng, lace net darning) C-34 Ceramics, pre-molded items
 C-2  Counted cross embroidery  C-35  Pottery, original form
 C-3  Cutwork embroidery, hardanger  C-36 Leather and metal tooling, wood burning, stained glass, tin punch
 C-4  Other embroidery (chickenscratch, crewel, candlewicking, trapunto)  C-37  Woodworking (toys, ornaments)
 C-5  Knotting (tatting, macrame)  C-38  Wood carving, whittling
 C-6  Lace (Battenberg, hairpin, broomstick)  C-39  Nature crafts (dried floral, driftwood, shells, rocks)
 C-7  Combination needlework  C-40  Artificial flower arrangements
 C-8  Knitting, large pieces (sweaters, afghans)  C-41  Basketmaking, wheat weaving
 C-9  Knitting, small pieces (mittens, hats)  C-42  Calligraphy
 C-10  Machine knitting  C-43  Paper cutting
 C-11  Crocheting, large pieces (sweaters, afghans)  C-44  Miscellaneous crafts
 C-12  Crocheting, small pieces (doilies, scarves)  V-1  Painting – oils
 C-13  Weaving  V-2  Painting – acrylic, tempura
 C-14  Rugs (hooked, braided)  V-3  Painting – watercolor
 C-15  Quilting, large pieces (perimeter 200″ or more ) – Hand quilted by maker  V-4  Pastels, chalk, crayon, marker
 C-16  Quilting, large pieces – machine quilted by maker  V-5  Charcoal
 C-17  Quilting, large pieces – quilted by other  V-6  Ink
 C-18  Quilting, small – hand quilted by maker  V-7 Scratch art
 C-19  Quilting, small – machine quilted by maker  V-8 Pencil
 C-20  Quilting, small – quilted by other  V-9 Sculpture (plastic, clay, wire, stone, concrete, papier-mache, metal)
 C-21  Quilting, tied  V-10  Printing, stamping, from original block
 C-22  Applique  V-11  Computer-generated art
 C-23  Sewing, apparel (incl. quilted garments)  V-12  Mixed media
 C-24  Sewing, home decorating  V-13  Snapshot – Photography entries must follow the GFWC guidelines as described in the GFWC Manual under GFWC Photography Contests. This information is in the Contests section – not the Arts section.
 C-25  Stuffed toys (including dolls)  *V-14  Members only – Volunteers in Action
 C-26  Doll clothes  Categories for members and students:
 C-27  Decorating a ready-made garment  *V-15  Living things
 C-28  Rosemaling, tole painting, China painting  *V-17  Scenes
 C-29  Scrapbooking **  *V-19  Still life
 C-30  Greeting cards, stationary, quilling
 C-31  Holiday ornaments
 C-32  Beadwork (incl. beaded jewelry)
 C-33  Jewelry (excl. beadwork)

*A member or student may enter only one photo in a particular category, but may compete in multiple categories and need not have won blue ribbons or equivalents at District.
*Be sure to label the photo Member or Student
**Scrapbooks must be no longer than 12.5 X 12.5, no more than 20 pages (10 pp., two sides) and may not have been previously entered.