GFWC of Minnesota welcomes women to join the international General Federation of Women’s Clubs.  Our purpose is to involve you in an educational, philanthropic, social welfare, civic and cultural projects to enrich you and enable you to give to your community.   

Jennell Jorgenson-Johnson, Minnesota President for 2020-2022 is focusing on Arts and Culture.  She is encouraging clubs to work to bring Art to schools, to the elderly, and to the community.  There is a need for our future and for our souls to live life with art.  Culture, being a sister of Art, can produce interest in volunteering in productions, promoting attendance to local plays, school musicals, and community events.

         GFWC will introduce you to other women, who will quickly become new friends.  GFWC will help to develop your own leadership skills, in project planning, speaking and team building.   Caring and sharing life with other women will positively encourage you to be a better person for you and community.

         There are several  clubs in Minnesota.  Visit ‘Find a Club’ on this website……. locate your area….. and call or email the contact person listed!  There you are, involved with a fantastic group of energized women doing good things for their lives and community!


Mission Statement – The General Federation of Women’s Clubs is an international organization dedicated to community involvement by enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service.

GFWC Founding – April 24, 1890 by Jane Cunningham Croly

Motto – “Unity in Diversity”

Federation Flower – The red rose adopted in May 1940.

Song – In 1922, “America, The Beautiful” was chosen.

GFWC International Headquarters – GFWC President Alice Ames Winters (1920-1924) located a Victorian mansion at 1734 N Street NM, Washington, D.C.