December 31, 2020

Hello, Sisters in GFWC,

I’m writing this on the last day of December, looking forward to the new year.  My husband and I were lucky enough to spend Christmas with our daughter and her husband.  Sam tutored me in painting with watercolors. (I will be counting this as one of my 101 new forms of art.) Then we put together a puzzle.  I also cooked lots of food and made chocolate chip cookies.

Over the past few months, I’ve also been sewing,  making masks for family.  I’ve been celebrating the holidays, at least Halloween and Christmas might as well have fun while I’m wearing one. I’ve been contemplating making something out of all the scraps, maybe a wall hanging. Have to decide on a subject to recreate, this could be interesting.

              In early November, I sent our Minnestoa ornament to GFWC International Headquarters to put up on the trees.  During the virtual GFWC Holiday open house, all the state ornaments were shown in a video. There were some great ones. Next year’s theme will be angels and stars.  If any crafty people would love to have their ornament sent to HQ, let me know.

During our leadership Zoom call in December, we discussed the Medallion club and wondered if the clubs would consider sponsoring the yearly membership for a Medallion member. Their membership is $20.00. A donation was given to pay for the 15 members we currently have for their 2021 dues.  If your club can sponsor a Medallion member, please send the check to our Treasurer.  We want to keep as many of our members as possible, even when their club may disband or are unable to attend meetings.  These donations would be put into a special fund.  Let me know what you think.  We also discussed putting a line in our annual budget to help with paying their dues. 

Reporting update from Diane Hannah

As a reminder, there are just five Community Service Programs for 2020-2022.  They are:

  • Arts & Culture
  • Civic Engagement & Outreach
  • Environment
  • Education and Libraries
  • Health & Wellness.

Club Presidents:  Please gather your member reports, add up the hours, cash donations, and in-kind donations totals, and get ready to submit your club reports DIRECTLY TO ME.   You may send a copy to your District President if they so wish.  Along with these calculations, including the narrative activity reports written for each of the categories in which you have participated.   (I chose December 15th as the deadline for my club, so I have time to put the info and written reports together.)

District Presidents:   Please submit your Club Reports to me by January 15, 2021.   Encourage your clubs to write reports for each activity they have participated in, especially during Covid 19.   

Program Chairs:  I will send the write-ups I receive to you as soon I receive them from the District Presidents.  You will need to send me your choices for the outstanding clubs by the deadline of February 19, 2021.

GFWC MN President Jennell Jorgenson-Johnson, your deadline to submit reports to the National Chairperson, is March 12, 2021.  

It’s very important that we keep to these dates so that everything can be processed in a timely matter.  

If you need copies of the CSPs listed above, let me know and I will forward them to you.  

Keep your reports short and to the point, remembering to include the “who, what, where, when and why” for good report writing.

Good luck with your reports.