Hi GFWC MN Leaders,

As LEADERS please “Lead by example.” Join TODAY the GFWC LEGISLATIVE ALERT CENTER and support one of Int’l President Brock’s Grand Initiatives: that 1000 members join the Legislative Action Center.
Let’s do our part doing little things in a big way. Our goal as MN leaders is 750 members JOIN this legislative Center. Yes we CAN DO IT. The clubs with 100% sign-up participation will receive a prize.

All you need to do is:
1. Go to GFWC.org and click on “What We Do”
2. Then scroll down to Public Policy and click on “take action”
3. Next page.. Scroll down to Legislative Action Center PICTURE and click on it.
4. Go to right hand column … “join the Legislative Action Center and Click on “JOIN NOW”

OR simply click on this link for the form.

*Pass it on! District Presidents PLEASE forward email to your clubs ASAP or better yet forward to members of your clubs and then…
*Follow-up. Let me now how many of you as leaders joined and how many club members joined by end of February

Whether you monitor, support, or oppose issues you owe it to yourself, your community, and your country to BE INFORMED.