Hey GFWC MN Leaders,
Pass it on! Especially District Presidents PLEASE forward to your clubs ASAP so this gets on February mtg agenda.

Our February DEADLINE fast approaches (POSTMARKED FEBRUARY 20th) for applications to GFWC’s LEADERSHIP, EDUCATION, AND DEVELOPMENT SEMINAR (L.E.A.D.S.). GFWC MN applaudes this great program so send your candidate’s application ASAP.

Jean Walker
GFWC MN President
426 E Ross Ave
Warren, MN

Info is attached in several modes below including a link to GFWC.com site where info and application is also available.
Any questions please email me: yschilplin@gmail.com

Yours In Federation,
Yvonne Schilplin
GFWC MN Leadership Chairman