GFWC of MN Photo Contest Image

The GFWC Photography Contests encourage artistic expression, while recognizing achievement in photography. GFWC offers three opportunities to participate in the Photography Contests:

  • The World in Pictures Contest
  • GFWC Volunteers in Action
  • A Year in Pictures

There are three GFWC Photography contests.

The first is The World in Pictures Contest which has three categories: living things, scenes, and still life.Entries are made at the state arts and crafts show. A member is allowed to enter one photo (not a collection of photos) in each of the three categories. The three winning photos at the state show are sent to the national headquarters by the state arts chairman. Entries may have been entered in the district contests and may or may not have won there. Entries must meet the requirements of the national contests as described on the GFWC website under Awards, Contests, and Grants and on the GFWC of Minnesota website.  Also winning photos must have a creative arts waiver.

The second contest is Volunteers in Action and it is handled in the same way.

The third contest is the Calendar Contest, A Year in Pictures. Each club is entitled to send one photo directly to national headquarters by May 15. The state arts chairman is not involved in this and there is no category for this at the state arts show.

GFWC Juniorette members compete as members–not as students– for these contests and their photos in these categories may advance to the national level if they win.

Student photographs do not advance to the national level as there is no national contest in photography for students.


2018-2020 Photography Contest Chairman:
Tammy McCoy,

Download the .pdf GFWC Club Photography Manual here for information on rules, prizes, deadlines and more.

Download the Creative Arts Waiver here.